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Zoltan Orosz

Zoltán Orosz is one of the most versatile and popular masters of the accordion.
He has had concerts at several places of the world, from Singapore to Siberia, from Canada to India, from Scandinavia to America and met with success in the greatest concert halls, sports halls and on stages of open air festivals, too.
His incredible virtuosity couples with exceptional musicality. His audiences usually greet his unforgettable concerts with standing ovation, in any part of the world.
His extraordinary talent was noticed at the age of three, he was considered a child prodigy. He was given his first instrument when he was four, with which he gave a concert in the same year. When he was ten, he was accepted to the Bartók Béla Secondary Music School with a special permission as an underage student. There, beside the accordion, he also learned to play the piano and the organ. At the age of eleven he amazed an audience of hundreds of thousands with his performance on the Red Square of Moscow. Later he won several professional accordion contests for adults in a row and he was one of the winners of the International Chanson Contest of Paris.
At his concerts he shows his unmatched knowledge in a wide range of different styles. His passionate way of performance and musical versatility astonishes both his audience and his partners. The programme is extremely colourful and diverse. His powerful and dynamic concerts include different kinds of musical genre and style, from French chansons to the music of the Balkans, from Russian gipsy songs and classical music to Argentinian tango.
Zoltán Orosz still feels that his father – being his first teacher at the age of three - played a fundamental role in his musical carreer. It was him, who, in the small town of Bácsalmás near the Serbian border, introduced him to the world of Hungarian folk music and the unique rhythms of the Balkans. At every concert the artist plays a piece that he learned from his father when he was still a little boy. That is how he wants to commemorate his father’s teachings and attitude to life.
For his work he was awarded the Artisjus Prize (by the Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Author’s Rights) and the eMeRTon Prize by the Magyar Rádió (Hungarian Radio). The town of Bácsalmás gave him the title of Honorary Citizen. In the last decades several world famous performers from different styles have asked him to be their partner. The most prestigious jazz formations, world music performers or Siberian symphonic orchestras invite him as a soloist.
Zoltan Orosz Portre

Thüringer Allgemeine: "Zoltan Orosz is one of the best acordion players of the world… when he at last appeared on the stage… suddenly he became the king of the night. After already ten minutes the audience were falling at his feet…"
Holger Wetzel / 1st August 2016 / Thüringer Allgemeine